At SEOptimer, we have thousands of digital agencies using our suite of marketing and SEO tools.


This includes SEO and website auditing, keyword research, keyword tracking, and two backlink management tools, namely, backlink research and backlink monitoring.


Not to forget our popular embedding tool that agencies use to generate leads directly from their website.

embed form example


Today, we’re excited to announce the release of another highly-requested feature: Multi-User Accounts.


What are Multi-User Accounts?


With this new multi-user accounts feature release, users can now add sub-users to their accounts.


This feature was built specifically for agencies and SEO teams that have several members working on multiple marketing projects for their clients.


So instead of giving team members login credentials for one account, SEO managers and executives can give their staff or freelancers access to a shared “company” account without the need for sharing login email or passwords.


How to Invite New Users


To invite or add sub-users to your account, simply navigate to the ‘Accounts Users’ module, which you can find on the left side of your SEOptimer dashboard.

new account user tab on left


Here you can add or invite new users to join your team’s account or you can remove existing users by clicking on the delete icon to the far right.


The ‘Account Users’ module is also where you can see the usage quotas for each sub-user. You’ll be able to see this information under the ‘Status’ column.

account users


Once you’ve invited a new user to your account, they will receive an email invitation from SEOptimer to accept the request.


Now, you can invite users who have never had an account with SEOptimer or you can invite someone who has already been a member and who has an existing account with SEOptimer.


If you’re inviting someone completely new to SEOptimer, they will have to add their account details by creating a new account.

add user account on seoptimer


Whether you’re inviting a completely new user who’s never had an SEOptimer account before or someone who already has an SEOptimer account, the sub-user will inherit all of the plan permissions of the account they joined.


However, the newly added sub-user will only be able to see all of the primary user’s data going forward, meaning that they won’t be able to see the parent user’s data prior to being added to the shared account.


In general, all the data will be shared between users, so sub-users will see the parent user’s data and vice versa. Sub-users can also create new data or delete data in the shared account.


If account admins remove or unlink sub-users at some point, they’ll just revert to a guest account and they’ll have to create their own account with a new subscription.


Sub-users can also choose to remove or unlink themselves within their own account settings under ‘My Account’, as shown in the screenshot below.

subusers can remove themselves


Any data or reports created by removed sub-users will still remain in the shared account so there’s no need to worry about any of the data getting removed when unlinking users from the main account.


We’ve also designed it in such a way that sub-users can’t interact with important billing settings and information such as subscriptions, credit card details, and the company information that appears on your monthly invoices from SEOptimer.


As you can see in the ‘My Account’ section of a sub-user, they can only see what parent account they’re linked to, their user email, and full name.


And then there’s some basic functions to update their account password and update their details.


Who can Access Multi-User Accounts?


This new Multi-User account feature is available to all our White Label and Embedding plan users.


The user quotas for each of the plans are as follows:


  • White Label plan users can add 2 sub-users
  • Embedding plan users can add 5 sub-users

user quotas


If you would like to extend the number of users you can add, just contact our live support for a custom quota increase.


With regards to quotas for specific SEOptimer features, these are shared between all users on the shared account.


So for instance, if you’ve got a remaining quota of 241 keywords in our keyword tracking tool, then this quota will be shared across all of your sub-user accounts.


Here’s a demonstration of how this works. As you can see in this screenshot, I’ve got a quota of 241 keywords remaining in my parent account.

remaining quota


If you look at one of the sub-user accounts in my parent account, you’ll see the remaining quota is the same.

remaining quota subusers


So if I added another set of keywords to track, the quota would decrease on all the accounts, including the parent account.


Wrapping Up


After weeks of hard work and planning, we’re confident that this new feature will add even more value to your experience using SEOptimer.


If you’re on the White Label or Embedding plan, be sure to take full advantage of this awesome new feature that we’ve released.


Feel free to give us your feedback and thoughts on this new feature release by Tweeting to us @seoptimer.